The glamourous lifestyle of a Web 2.0 employee

So as most of you (if I even have readers left) have noticed I have
pathetically and most dishonourably not been updating my blog. This is
because my time and conscious thoughts have been consumed by my new

I'm currently the Community Director over at
I'm having the time of my life really. It's by far the most work I have
ever done in any job, but I am enjoying every minute of it. Even
through the fires that I've had to deal with and other things like

This is really the job I had in my mind when I had my
epiphany a year ago. This is the job that I changed my life for. I may
work hard, put lots of hours in and some times want to pull my hair out
but… I've never been as satisifed with work in my entire life.

notice it's nearly 5am? Yup I'm working now. Well waiting to work
really, there is kind of a fire that needs to be put out and I can't
really go to bed until the fire is out completely. Right now it's
waiting mode so I figured I'd update those few readers I have left in
between Guitar Hero songs.

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