Hyrulian Crest Tattoo

Picture 7
 I finally got my gamer-ness permanently etched into my body.  I was reluctant to call it anything by my "Triforce" tattoo, but after making sure to seek the Reddits for accuracy, I'm comfortable enough calling it the Hyrulian Crest.

I got this tattoo done at Diablo Rojo, in Austin TX while I was attending SXSW interactive (more pictures to come).  This is my fourth tattoo and I'm rather fond of it if I don't say so myself :)

Most of you that read my blog regularly, also know that I'm the Community Director over at Justin.tv, so I couldn't resist getting the entire tattoo broadcasted over Live video.  So below is a clip from my tattooing.  The audio isn't the greatest of quality, but you can pick up some of the conversations (mostly the tattoo gun).  Enjoy! 

Gettin' my Geeky Tattoo

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