You can #BlameDrewsCancer for this post

2798583718_56626fb57d You ever meet those types of people that every time their name is mentioned you smile? Or the thought of getting to see them socially makes you giddy? If I could think of one friend of mine that does that for me it's Drew Olanoff. I met Drew this year at SXSW 09 at the Microsoft party that Brian Solis hosted.  I'd known of him from my friend Krystyl who had Tweeted a great deal about him (and went with him to get his Charity tattoo of another twitter user's name).

Drew was the guy with the biggest smile, tightest hugs and most award winningly friendly personality.  I was instantly won over and even more pleased to know that he and I did the same line of work and he was a San Franciscan as well.

For all of the reasons above, I was both saddened and joyed to hear he had taken a job in LA with another company.  I was looking forward to seeing him in LA when I went to E3 this year.

It was then, when I was catching up on some twitter happenings that I found out some news.  Drew had been diagnosed with cancer. It hit me really hard as he and I are roughly the same age and lived very similar lifestyles due to our work but most importantly, because I adore Drew. 

I was down in LA and not in contact very well with my set of SF friends who could give me more information and that is when I found out that in typical Drew style, he was going to smile.  Drew decided to stay optimistic and stayed lighthearted about it.

That is why Drew started to blame his cancer for everything.  To quote drew, "I have cancer, but cancer doesn't have me."  Drew decided to launch a website with a friend, to start a movement and do something positive with his cancer to benefit those who have cancer as well.

How does it work?  You and everyone you know can #BlameDrewsCancer over Twitter for everything and anything that goes wrong.  They are keeping a tally and hopefully will get a company to match dollar per blame to donate towards the American Cancer Society and Make a Wish Foundation.

I'm going to start to #BlameDrewsCancer for everything that goes wrong, and you can too!

If you don't know Drew already, check out his blog and twitter account.  You'll soon come to the same conclusion that I have about this incredibly friendly and amazing guy!

<3 You Drew, you've got my support totally.

–Tia Marie

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