Grubhub added features to make us all fatter

I'll say it out right, I'm a lazy nerd.  My last job created my food laziness with delivered food daily (that I didn't have to pay for).

My current job is awesome and supplies me with anything I want for our fridge, but I've been pampered and still can't bring myself to really cook anything at work.  My coworkers are much more awesome about this than I am.  Tim makes such pretty food, Theresa loves us with Bacon day and Kate makes killer steeled oats.

Lately, I've been getting delivery. I love online delivery.  I hate to have to find a menu and call anyone on the tele.

Thanks to Grubhub (who actually has at least one restaurant in my area, though I wish there was more), I can order online and select my menu without picking up a phone.

Grubhub has just made it easier for me and for everyone:


Users now have the option of paying for their delivery orders with PayPal.

Thanks Grubhub, I am both happy and will solely blame you in the future for the fattening of us all :)

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