I’m taking up the #Blogin5 challenge, can you?

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Yesterday my coworker Tim wrote about something that actually means something to me.  One of the biggest problems I have in regards to my personal life is that I don't really have time to blog.

As you might know, I'm a contributor to a gaming news/review site SFX-360.com and I blog here about things that interest me and things that bring me to passion and such.  It's actually pretty sad that I don't just take time out of my day to write in these blogs, especially since I work for a company that gives me a pretty good tool to put an anchor for a talking piece of a blog post.

So guess what?  I'm going use clp.ly to blog and I'm going to blog every day for as long as I can (my memory kind of sucks).  Tim's blog post made me realize that it doesn't take look to do this stuff and that I'm essentially just putting it off.  I'd probably have a whole lot more readers and make SFX-360 a lot more happy if I just sat down and did it.

I also know that a number of my regular readers and twitter followers are bloggers too.  I'd love to see you guys blog more often.  I'm going to pledge to blog daily and I think it'd be awesome if you guys would too!  So just like Tim suggested, I'm going to tag on twitter all of my blog posts with #Blogin5 for the things that I've used clp.ly specifically to get a blog post out.  Why don't you do it too?


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