UPDATE: Cooks Source Magazine leaves the web

If you got a chance to read my previous blog post about the Plagiarism issue with Cooks Source Magazine, you'll be pleased to hear that there is a bit of an update in the situation.  

If you're not familiar with the story, click on the clip to the right and read the previous article.  Essentially a magazine plagiarized an article written by a blogger online and published it on their print magazine.  When they were contacted by the original writer who requested an apology, they essentially told her to fuck off but in nicer words.

The interent wasn't quite happy with their response.  Their facebook fan page went under attack and many people were publicly discussing how messed up what they had done and found other articles that they had plagiarized. Well today, Cooks Source Magazine has left the web and finally did what the original writer asked.


Last month an article, “American as Apple Pie — Isn’t,” was placed in error in Cooks Source, without the approval of the writer, Monica Gaudio. We sincerely wish to apologize to her for this error, it was an oversight of a small, overworked staff. We have made a donation at her request, to her chosen institution, the Columbia School of Journalism. In addition, a donation to the Western New England Food Bank, is being made in her name. It should be noted that Monica was given a clear credit for using her article within the publication, and has been paid in the way that she has requested to be paid.


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