Drastically Derailed

I'm very easy to distract and I don't even realize it when I am, then all of a sudden I don't remember what it is I was originally doing before I went down the rabbit hole. Here's an actual chain of events (and I'm thankful I've remembered them) they aren't necessarily a complete listing, I know that I did some work in the middle of all of them in various places. I multitask like a fiend and keep two browsers open with multiple tabs and windows for various work and non work stuff. The big monitor right in front of my face gets all the worky stuff, the laptop monitor way off to my side out of my direct view (usually) gets the non-worky stuff.

  1. See self in mirror, realize new hair stuff makes hair keep shape.
  2. "Crunched" up my hair and put on a tophat, creating a crazy bedhead and tophat look
  3. Decided to immortalize silly hat/hair look on Dailybooth
  4. Tweeted the picture
  5. Working on large tedious project (referred to as LTP below) that is taking all day.
  6. The @replies made me think of my hair colour
  7. Perused old Dailybooth photos looking at dye jobs
  8. Came up with idea to crowd source hair colour
  9. More LTP
  10. Perused punk hair dye sites to get colour listing
  11. Made google form/poll and got embed code
  12. Even more LTP
  13. Went to my tia-marie.com with the intention of just making a post to add the embed code to the post and ended up at Nerdsinbabeland.com (It just popped into my head, don't ask)
  14. Noticed that she linked to my blog, decided to go to template to make a blogroll section and reciprocate
  15. You guessed it, more LTP
  16. Changed tagline on blog instead and tweaked some other minor aesthetics
  17. TypePad code snippet for beta comment system, broke blog trying to put it in.
  18. Learned lesson hard way (for the millionth time) to never make changes to a live site without a backup and switched between the LTP and fixing my giant mistake.
  19. Started looking for graphical inspiration for better background.
  20. Closed all chrome windows by accident, continued on LTP and dropped everything else (because I forgot)
  21. Boss asked question about work, tech issue. Went to investigate
  22. OMGWTFBBQ, one of our sites is broken with an SSL error. FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT.
  23. Consult programmer friend before making stupid bug report to coworker programmer.
  24. Troubleshoot problem to an old entry in /etc/hosts, crisis averted I'm just stupid and forgetful.
  25. Stared at bosses twitter page trying to remember what it was I was doing and continued to work on the large tedious project I'd been working on all day.
  26. Noticed form edit page on laptop monitor and remembered originally what I was doing.
  27. IM comment from programmer friend made me look at programs on mac app store.
  28. During my amusement and bewilderment of how far off I'd derailed myself, decided to create this list.

There you have it. As I said, there are lots of other bits in there. Do you ever get this wildly derailed?

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