Thanks secret Reddit Santa!

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Oh man, I rarely get excited about snack food, but the snacks that I was sent in my Reddit snack exchange were fabulous.  The clip to the right is my by far most favourite.  I've seen these in the grocery store before and I thought the concept was dubious at best. 

This particular snack is called "Mashups." They are essentially fruit puree in a squeeze bag.  The kind I got was the berry version that has strawberry, blueberry, apple and blackberry.  That is the ingrediants! There isn't anything else but pure unadulterated fruit awesomeness, already pre-smooshed so you don't even have to chew.  I'm a sucker for fruit.

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The other snack joy I got that I enjoyed the most was the Bora Bora: Exotic Fruit & Nut bars. I had the Acai Walnut bar thus far, but I also have Manga Macadamia and Apricot Quinoa to eat. 

That fruit bar was also pretty much fruit puree, with nuts and rice crisps. It was FANTASTIC.  I get pretty excited about fruits and nuts.  Probably more than I should.

I got some other things, some Granola and Wild Berry Mix. If you're interested I'll leave a clip from the picture on the Reddit Gifts page that I submitted with a picture.


tl;dr – I got superbly yummy fruit and nut snacks from redditor josephlabre. Thank you!


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