Gaming on the Mac

Yes, it's possible. If you're a PC gamer, take a moment to read the previous sentence and take a deep breath.  It's okay, I know this is a hard concept to grasp and I know your next question is akin to, "Why don't you just use paralells/bootcamp/vmware/crossover to play Windows games?" Why are the answers, "I don't want to," or "I'd rather play a full port," not viable answers? Trying to run a virtual machine to run a game kind of sucks and it's a huge pain in the ass to reboot your computer into a Windows environment to play games. You also have to have a separate copy of Windows for bootcamp to work.  

My laptop is pretty central to everything I do and it's a big inconvieniance to have to essentially run a foreign machine.  That's what booting into Windows from bootcamp feels like to me. I used to play an MMO in from bootcamp and I found that I rarely actually played it.  The process of logging off your machine, booting into another OS and not being in your native setup is a pain. Sometimes I just want to play a level or two of portal while I'm waiting on my ride to pick me up from work.  Gaming from bootcamp becomes a chore and a ritual that you know isn't a simple process like, "click icon, game go" sort of thing.

Fortunately, gaming on the Mac has gotten a great deal better.  Now there is the Mac App Store and Steam to supply us Mac gamers with yummy gaming. The types of games that you're seeing on both the Mac App Store and the Steam Mac store are pretty good.  There are also other great places to buy Mac games online and download them immediately.  


I have a ton of games on my mac.  Seriously. Since I have discovered Steam and Bioware, I have had tons of games on the mac.  Here are just a few in my library:

Gaming on Mac-1

There are some small no name games in there and silly puzzle games, but there are some actual mainstream games in there. Star Craft II, Left 4 Dead 2 and I also have portal 2 running around some where.

Anyhow, gaming on the Mac is very possible and getting more popular as game dev companies are releasing ports to Mac.  Do you guys have any places you get Mac games?

PS: If you're having problems with a game on your Mac or are looking for mod information, never ever try to ask or look up info on non Mac gaming sites. It will only end in heartache and no answer. Stick with other Mac gamers to help you with your problems. Trust me.

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