Need I Say More?

I am different. You are different. This started differently and progressed without intention. Long evenings without harmless untruths. It was quixotic and confidential.  Trials were made and times got hard.  Everything always got better, but time ways always too short.  

We're silly and horrible people, but you are awesome and  I am awesome. We're not alone but certainly in our own world. We don't always agree, but we can compromise and most importantly you put up with my quirks

Thank you for being different.  Need I say more?



  1. Jackb29
    Feb 18, 2012

    Liked this post…I also liked the 5 posts under military tales; for humorous liked the one about MSGT Firehammer best, my wife and I laughed our heads off!!
    For serious we liked your Xmas story, and especially “There’s no crying in medicine”.
    I spent five years in the Army, and my wife and I also have medical backgrounds; retired now, the VA is my med provider, and my brother is a critical care RN for the VA and was a medic in the army also.
    Keep posting, we will keep reading!
    Jack and Patricia

    • Tia Marie
      Jul 8, 2012

      I’m sorry I never said before thank you for the comment! I mean it. I have been handling my blog a lot better and this encouragement is really helpful!

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