Tia receives a compliment and it’s not even a backwards one

I just experienced something on the internet that was such a novelty that I felt I had to share.  It’s actually sad this is such a novelty to me, but I digress.  Occasionally, I like to take pictures of myself and post them on the internet. I don’t do it because I find myself especially attractive, mostly I have fun taking pictures of outfits I’m wearing or to visually document silly moods I’m in and share them with my friends on the internet. It also has had a nice side effect of creating a visual timeline of my weight loss for myself.

Anyhow, today was one of those “Oh oh oh! Take a picture of today’s silly shirt and share it on the internet” days for Tia.  I loaded up dailybooth.com and snapped a quick picture and sent it out into the ether.  It’s no secret that people can be fuckwads on the internet, and it’s a simple fact of life that if you are openly female on the internet you will be harassed about something. No matter what you look like, some one will find you and make a vulgar or offensive comment about your appearance.

Here are a couple of examples I’ll share from my own personal experience.  Here is a picture I uploaded on Geek Pride Day:


Shortly afterwards, my dailybooth message box displayed a bright red message indicator from one of the locals a Mr. tryst_with_ink who offered these words as a “compliment”

Uh… Thank you? I don’t actually know what to make of comments like this.  I want to think the best of people, so I can only imagine that he did not debate which words to use to properly articulate how attractive he found me and assumed my pleasure in receiving a compliment would outweigh the offense I might take at his vulgar approach.

Here is another example of a sideways compliment from Mr. variousmeats, who commented on a picture I took and uploaded to document a day where I felt especially pleased with how well I had pulled off the aesthetics of looking female and dressing like a grungy nerd.

As I said before, I don’t take pictures of myself because I think I’m particularly attractive and it’s mostly for personal amusement.  I regularly try to imagine life on the internet as a man.  I’ll admit it, I hang out on IRC with an ambiguously male screen name. For some time I used to hang out in this one room IRC room dedicated to video game music (I found it through two of my Justin.tv gamers I was fond of, Richeymanic & Swiftor). I didn’t refer to myself with any pronouns and had a username that seemed guy-ish. It was a novelty to be treated and accepted as a guy on the internet.

I don’t want to get into the drama of debating about how women should be treated, because I have conflicting feelings about it. One the one hand, I rather like the anonymity the internet provides me to say douchbaggy things without repercussion to people I feel have earned it. My inner child, who was bullied for being a tomboyish nerd, takes great pleasure in having an outlet to standup to bully like individuals and give them a taste of their own insults. I’d never want to change that, it’s what makes the internet a safe haven for other nerds, dorks, geeks, and RL social outcasts like myself.

Oh dear. I’ve digressed quite some bit to get to the real point of why I’m struck by such bittersweet irony that I felt the need to blog about it.  Let us steer away from the historical anecdotes and analysis of my past and go back to the point.  Today I took a picture of myself and uploaded it to the internet. My motivation was to show off my new(ish) Barney Stinson inspired shirt that I was quite proud of and share it with the folks who follow me on twitter. What happened afterwards was so uniquely mundane I simply had to point it out to the world.

Mr. Bluesky30 gave me one of the best compliments I’ve ever received as a woman on the internet.  I will close this post by showing you the compliment and by dedicating this blog post to Bluesky30 from Dailybooth. You Sir personally, make the internet not suck. Thank you and others like you for being decent human beings. 

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