• Tia MarieName: Tia Marie
  • Age: 30
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Occupation: Engineering Peon, Bitpusher LLC
  • Claim to Fame:┬áNone Really. I did get mentioned once in Mashable?
  • Hobbies: Video gaming, reading, wasting time online, research, playing music, and Esperanto
  • Interests: Science fiction, Gaming, Fantasy, LGBTQ, Literature, Engineering, Information Security, Digital Rights Activism, Star Trek, and whatever the random whim of the day is.
  • Biggest Peeve: When the internet makes it hard to sleep at night.
  • Arch Nemesis: Swiftor, the “Ever Casting

No really, what about you?
I became an adult in 2000, when I joined the military. The service led me to California; where I became a mom, did some medical work, served during a war, went to school, and eventually started my tech career in San Francisco. I worked at some great startups like Justin.tv, where I was the Community Director for about two years.

I am a big dork with way to much to say. I get really worked up about digital rights, LGBTQ rights, healthcare, civil rights, and veteran’s benefits. I wouldn’t hurt a fly and I am probably the least confrontational person most people know. I read and consume crazy amounts of information and still giggle at toilet humour.

I have inside jokes with myself and laugh at them publicly. I like myself and who I am. I think it’s important to like who you are and be that personal unapologetically. I’m don’t know and understand everything, but I make a sincere effort to learn.

Being proven wrong doesn’t scare me, it motivates me to understand how I came to the wrong conclusion. I never shy away from a rational argument, even when it defies my comprehension.

I’ve been wrong many times in my life and will be wrong many more times. I strive to remember my mistakes and become a wiser person. I believe in learning from other’s mistakes and experiences. To quote Battlestar Galatica:

“All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.”

I blog to document the lessons I’ve learned, the observations I’ve made, and the topics that I’m passionate about. I do it mostly for myself, but also to share with others who are interested in my perspectives or are looking for like-minded person with a different perspective than their own.

I hope this page has given you some idea of who I think Tia Marie is and what this blog is about. As I said, I don’t know everything, which is why I’m inviting those of you who do know me to leave a comment and help me tell perfect strangers who that Tia Marie girl is anyway.

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