Go Go Gadet Resume

So I'm on the prowl for another job. Things at my last job really
weren't working out in the most ideal settings any how. I was really
passionate about the job in the beginning. It seemed to be the perfect
setting. I got to telecommute, I got to do what I did as hobbies for
money and most importantly I had lots of time to be alone. I guess it
was a pretty big bonus that for the first time ever I had a manager who
I sincerely thought was awesome. I would like to believe the feeling
was reciprocated, I know she has been speaking to me over E-mail lately
and has been really nice. With luck she and I will stay in touch.

worst part about job hunting for me is gathering references. I am
amazingly shy and I have trouble figuring out what is socially
acceptable. I can't seem to just ask for references. For some odd
reason I have equated asking for references to the level of asking to
borrow money. I'm also terrified to impose on anyone. Though something
just strikes me as fundamentally wrong about E-mailing some one out of
the blue just to ask them for a reference.

Much to my surprise
though, I've produced three solid references today and I got invited to
go drinking by two different people, which is doubly awesome because I
need to get out. I strive to go to more SF Bars with random people.

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