PSA: Dangers of high fives

I’m impressed with how much this is like some of the crappy PSAs that I’ve seen as a youth.  This one is quality!  You have to watch it.

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Fun times from my last job.

I worked at a live video site, I’m sure anyone reading this blog knew about that already.  Anyhow, I wanted to post this mostly for posterity sake, but here are some moments from my last job that stick out the most! Special thanks to Adam Jackson, Swiftor, Witespy and Dylan.  You guys just rock.

Originally written on email from Geeky Randomness

It’s a numbers game, where do you get analytics?

Analytics is important to all of us, the numbers are what brings in the dollars, sponsorships and advertisements.  So it’s vital for a website to have the most accurate analytics they can have.  So who do you use to measure your analytics and how do you know if their measurements are accurate?  

Well, in an astoundingly unusual show of transparency (at least unusual in the sense of large websites), reddit has given screencaps of all of their analytics.  So what does things say? 

More than 8,000,000 unique visitors in the last 30 days and 400,000,000 pageviews. This is a typical month for us. In fact, our numbers would have been even higher if not for some site issues at the end of June.



..reports that we get around 927,000 unique visitors a month. Their page views number for us isn’t available to the public, but we’re told it’s similarly sorry-looking.




They paint a picture of a visit count drooping from around 13,000,000 to 10,000,000 so far this year. It isn’t. It’s two to four times as much, and we haven’t had two consecutive months of declining traffic since spring 2007.




They don’t seem to like tallying actual totals, and instead seem to prefer to rate sites by their “percentage of total Internet traffic.” If I could find their guess for last month’s total global Internet traffic


Nielsen: their ranking service tells us that they estimate our “Online Market Size Estimate” (whatever that is) to be 652,000



So see the original blog post for their screen captures of their analytics in the clip below: 

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If only Huffington Post used

I see a lot of websites that put screencaps of other websites in their posts.  I saw this rather amusing post today that I wanted to replicate with instead of a screencap :) Original article by Huffington Post: (Please don't hate me Huff).


 And the amazing headlines keep rolling in. And like last time, the best part is that it's totally real – not just an oversight by the writer. The website (who we assume entertains Western Massachusetts with headlines like this on a daily basis) ran a story titled, "Springfield Police Charge One-Armed Man With Unarmed Robbery." Sure, the guy's a criminal. Sure, he's asking for it by having a nickname of "Lefty." And sure, he robbed an old man. But hasn't he suffered enough? That's just a slap in the face isn't it, Springfield Police?

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This Bee dances better than I do…

It’s totally not fair, take a look at the bee mascot below.  It’s a dancing fool:

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The man your man could smell like, answers your questions!

Hello gentle readers, look at your man now look at the clip below.  The man from the clip below will answer your questions today.  What’s this? An AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit.  Go ahead, you know you want to ask him how big his…

Towel is.

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